Congratulation of the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Oleg Kapitanov

Dear figures of culture and arts!

Today Russia is celebrating the day of the cultural worker in the tenth anniversary. This day, in my opinion, occupies a special place in a series of festive dates, because Russian culture is a huge intangible asset of our country, the greatest achievement of the multinational Russian people. The modern world is impossible to imagine without Russian literature, theatre, music, songs, ballet and painting.

I am particularly proud of being born, raised and living in St. Petersburg, a city that retains the title of the cultural capital of Russia from generation to generation. St. Petersburg musicians, writers, theatrical figures, artists, poets create a special creative atmosphere, charm and glory of our beloved city.

Friends, I congratulate you on the holiday, I wish you bright creative victories, let your address always sound only applause, relatives and loved ones surrounded by warmth, love and care, and life difficulties bypass you and your family side.