Season 3

“Marius Petipa. Eternal Beauty! “

April 30, 2016. The final gala concert of the Third International Festival of Young Ballet dancers. The International Festival of Young Ballet dancers was founded three years ago by the foundation for the Preservation and development of classical ballet named after Oleg Vinogradov, together with the Department of directing Ballet of St. Petersburg Conservatory. N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, the Music Hall Theatre and the New York Association of Classical Dance teachers.

The festival is dedicated to the International Dance Festival, which was established by UNESCO on the birthday of the great French choreographer Jean-Georges Noverra. This year the festival is dedicated to the successor of the case Noverra-Marius Petipa, whose semicentenial activity in the Mariinsky Theater determined the fate of the Russian classical ballet. Therefore, this year’s festival is called “Marius Petipa. Eternal Beauty “. Its participants are young dancers from the ballet schools of the USA, Hong Kong, Germany and Russia, who have the opportunity for ten festival days to engage with the best teachers of the Mariinsky Theatre and the Academy of Russian Ballet. A. Vaganova, and then, having passed the strict selection, to debut on the big stage in St. Petersburg-the capital of the World Ballet. The program of the gala concert next to debutants will be performed by artists of the ballet troupe of the Theatre of Opera and ballet of the conservatory, as well as other musical theatres of St. Petersburg.

A large ballet evening in three offices will open the reconstruction of the first steps of ballet art, which infancy at the court of the French kings. The audience will be presented fragments of the ballets of the predecessor Petipa Jules Perrault, as well as the choreography of the brilliant disciple Petipa – Mikhail Fokina. The program will complete one of the masterpieces of Marius Petipa-“GrandPas” from the ballet “Paquita”. The final gala concert will be held on April 30, 2016. In 19.00 on stage “Music Hall Theatre” at the address: St. Petersburg, Alexander Park, D. 4.

The evening is led by people’s Artist of the USSR Oleg M. Vinogradov.