280 years – Academy of Russian ballet A. Y. Vaganova!


May 4, 2018, marks 280 years — Academy of Russian ballet Vaganova, one of the oldest ballet schools in the world, whose name is closely associated with the Russian ballet school!

On may 4, 1738 the first in Russia “Dance school Of her Imperial Majesty” was opened, the dance school was founded by Empress Anna Ioannovna.
The initiator of the creation was the French dance master Jean-Baptiste Lande.
In specially equipped rooms of the Winter Palace Jean Baptiste Lande began training 12 Russian boys and girls.
In 1779 the dance school joined the St. Petersburg theatre school – later the Imperial theatre school.
In 1928 she became the Leningrad choreographic College.
In 1937 the school was transformed into the Leningrad choreographic school.
In 1957, the school was named after Agrippina Yakovlevna Vaganova.
In 1961 the school became academic.
Since 1995, the Academy and A. J. Vaganova included in the State arch of especially valuable objects of cultural heritage.