Today, December 14 marks the 80th anniversary of the Bashkir state Opera and ballet theatre!

On December 14, 1938, the Bashkir state Opera and ballet theatre opened its doors to the audience for the first time, in this honor the premiere of the Opera “The beautiful Miller” by Giovanni paiziello, in the Bashkir language.

The theatre was based on artists specially trained at the vocal Studio at the Moscow Conservatory and at the Leningrad choreographic school, on the initiative of the composer Gaziz Almukhametov and ballet master fayzi Gaskarov.

During the first two years, the Bashkir Opera house gave 13 premieres, more than half a million spectators visited the theater.
The poster included works by Russian and foreign classics, as well as operas by Soviet composers.

Great influence on the process of formation of the Bashkir Opera was made by the Kiev state Opera and ballet theatre. Shevchenko was evacuated to Ufa during the great Patriotic war.

Today, the theater is a highly professional creative team, it lives and develops, maintaining a careful attitude to the traditions laid down by previous generations, for eight decades!